Important Announcement

act4tv Important Announcement (Covid-19)

Jul 1, 2020

We have meticulously worked our way through the 50-page mandate and realise that it will be neither practical nor safe to re-open at the moment.
We cannot guarantee the safety of our students and tutors which is of paramount importance.

Also, as independent, studio-based acting/drama classes are categorised as ‘Live Performance’ it would go against the current guidelines to offer studio classes, therefore, the company would be uninsurable.

We are all eager to return to studio classes but having considered professional advice and the current Government guidelines, we now know that we need to wait until the reduction to Phase 2 of lockdown.

Once we have that information on August 4th, we can then make an informed decision but please be assured that we want to be back in the studio as much as the vast majority want to but our priority has to be the safety and well-being of everyone at act4tv & act4tv Kids & Youth.

The online classes & free Actors’ Hub Q & A sessions will continue until we can safely return to studio classes.

Michael Jackson
Founder of the act4tv Group

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